The Magus

The path was yellow in colour. I saw Mercury to the left and Beth to the right (reversed!).

I came to an altar with two gold candlesticks with white candles burning in them. In the centre of the altar was a beautiful glass bowl with two wings.

There was a beautiful naked young man standing behind the altar. He welcomed me and then started disappearing and reappearing in different places.

"As you know, this path has an illusory nature. It also contains great mysteries.

"It is the path of creation of objects which have apparent use but when analysed have no substance to them at all.

"It is the path of artificial constructs placed by humans on things that they do not understand so that they may understand them in their own terms. These often contain some truth but should not be relied upon. Many things that you think to be true are false and many things that you think to be false are true."

He pushed me down a black well and I shot out of another identical well (upside down) where he was to greet me.

I walked to a waterfall where I got pushed under the water and saw a turtle swimming. On surfacing and looking at the water, I could not see it.

I went a little further into a black cave. There was a dark woman in beautiful finery seated on a throne. I received the psychic message "I am the Black Queen. I am always silent. You may go no further here. Please leave."

I thanked her and returned the way I came.

JMS 1998