The Priestess

Ice blue path almost white. Cold, seemed made of ice. Gimel to my left and Luna to my right.

I waited for some time. A small girl arrived and led me by my left hand to a red curtain.

"You may come no further. This is a path of hidden knowledge, of things that are not known to the masses. It is the path of communication between God and man perfected. Luna is the astrological symbol as this path is partly illusory or symbolic."

I asked if she was the priestess. She replied that she was not. She tried to send me back but I kept returning. At last she said that I could go around the side of the pillar in which the curtain hung. I tried to but the path seemed blocked by an invisible wall. I returned and told her that I could go no further around the sides and that I would have to go through the curtain. She said yes she knew and then pushed me through it.

I found myself in blackness enveloped by a female presence. Not particularly comforting but not hostile. It seemed slightly amused by my antics.

"I am the hidden Goddess. I sit above the world of manifestation. I am beyond the Goddess of deep space. My workings are hidden but my actions are felt. In as much as I act in a way that is all pervasive and beyond your understanding. I am similar to your idea of Maat but I am not Maat. Adjustment is the action while I am the process.

"To follow this path, you must lose your ego and become either God or animal. The path is known as the camel. Some say that this is because it is like a desert. This is true in part but there is another meaning. The camel is stubborn and incorruptible. These are the required features of those that would tread this path. I also act as your vehicle on this path."

She laughed "I see you do not understand. Take this icicle as a symbol of me. You must go now. You are not yet ready to pass further on this path.

JMS 1998