The Empress

Pure blue path, Daleth to my left and Venus to my right.

I came to a wall with a shepherd sitting on it. He said "All my sheep have gone. I just turned my back and they left.

"This is a path of love above the abyss, union of opposites leading to annihilation requiring care. Pure wholehearted union compared with interaction (of Lust) or battle (The Tower)."

I walked a little further to a small well. There was a huge beetle inside it which bit off my right arm.

A little further on was a voluptuous woman lying on velvet sheets.

"I represent this path, at least to men. This love is beyond Love under Will. This Love is Will.

"Daleth means a door. A door can be open or closed but never both. It allows some through but others it stops. It means discrimination and care. It performs its function and nothing beyond."

JMS 1998