The Hermit

I saw Yod to the left and Virgo to the right. The path was yellow or very yellowish green.

I saw a large cushion with Ganesh sitting behind it. He welcomed me and said "I can see that you are surprised. You think me as a God of worldly things and this path as one of renunciation. There is a secret in this.

"I have the qualities of a hermit myself and hermits must be eminently practical in the world as they rely on no other. The inner spark of Hadit or true will is the Hermit. It represents the point at which one discovers true will on the path."

He gave me his tusk as a present and insisted that I keep it. I chanted "Om Ganapataye Namah".

I walked further and came to a basket containing a serpent that rises and may be tamed. It was transfixed by me then struck at Ganesha's tusk and fell back into the basket apparently dead.

Lastly I came to a huge limbed beauty of a woman lying in a bed with silk sheets. She whispered that the elixir as the product of sexual union pertains to the secret of the card.

JMS 1998