The Fool

Yellow path. Aleph to the left, Air to the right.

I came to a room with a square pool of water in it and a young naked man standing on the other side.

"This is the path of the fool that you can walk on water."

I walked across the water to the other side.

"The water was actually poisonus and would have sucked you down and killed you but for your belief. The path of the fool encompasses the potential of things before they are categorised. The choice of the nature of things is up to you so choose wisely. The path represents the mutability of nature at its first emanation."

Walking further with the young man, I came to a crocodile. It bit off my left leg.

"Devourer, begetter, creature of many appearances. Often invisible (or looking like a log) but it must never be forgotten or underestimated."

Walking to the end of the path I came to a small naked girl (about 2 years old).

She said "I am the highest of all things. I am you."

I absorbed her image inside me and felt complete.

I returned back along the path. On crossing back over the pool of water, I sunk beneath its surface but managed to get to the other side. On reaching the other side, the young man told me that it was actually a trick pool and that it was impossible to sink into it.

I laughed.

JMS 1998