The Heirophant

To left Vau to right Taurus. Murky brown path.

I saw a bright bluish white light up ahead. As I approached it I realised that it was a multiple layered fountain. A small naked boy stood by the fountain bathed in white light (Horus?).

I introduced myself and he talked about the path of The Heirophant. It is a path of hidden knowledge, a path of learning. Like the nail, the Heirophant fixes the Aeon (in time? character?). The Heirophant releases knowledge little by little, being amused by the way in which his insights mislead people every step of the way. He is a trickster in nature.

I walked a little further and came to a tree bathed in silvery light. I picked an apple from its branches and ate it. A small gnome or pixie wearing a pointed hat appeared and told me that The Heirophant manifests in every action. From everything we may learn something if only we look hard enough.

Lastly I came to a beautiful naked woman lying on a raised platform.

"I am sure you can guess what knowledge I bestow, but the time is not yet ripe for us to unite."

She gave me a pure white flower (a lotus?).

"Hold this in your heart and always yearn towards me remembering it."

JMS 1998