The Lovers

Zayin to my left and Gemini to my right, the path was orange.

The first figure I met was the hooded hermit (as in the card). He said that he was a less mysterious figure than the lovers in the foreground, that he was more easily comprehensible. The lovers represented the duality in everything that is necessary for manifestation. Look within the self and find diametrically opposed aspects. Love of these is an important part of self discovery. Know thyself.

"The card represents opposites as separate entities rather than mixing (as in Art), divided by the sword (Zayin). Love of those things that are the same as oneself and those that are opposite in others."

I walked a little further and found a huge five petaled flower. I sat in its centre and got sucked into a sufforcating underwater area. My self split in two. One half was solid and the other had consciousness. Strange feeling, fairly pleasant. I came back out the way I came in.

I next arrived at a crevasse that I jumped over and came to a tall glowing figure of a boy who said that I would find this path very hard to understand. He gave me a coin with two heads. I flipped it and it had two tails. "The coins are one and two, and in combining they are none. They should help in understanding the mystery of The Lovers. The union of opposites, leading to annihilation."

JMS 1998