Lamed to the left, Libra to the right, path of ice blue.

I came across a beautiful beggar girl with fair hair playing in dirt with dolls of a man and a woman as well as dice.

I asked her what she was doing and she replied that she determined the outcome of any situation with the dice. These were not any dice, however. Her inner will which determined how she would throw the dice was the important thing. What we call luck may also be called Adjustment, the natural effects which allow true will to manifest.

I walked a little further and came to a square blue box. When opened, a jack-in-the-box jumped out. Looking in the bottom of the box, I saw a pure black marble which I picked out and kept. It was black like the void.

Lastly I came to a king on a throne. He said he was well known as a wise king. It was not him who was wise however, but the laws he carried out. He was the eyes of the Law though, and allowed adjustment to occur where blind following of the Law would be unjust.

JMS 1998