Caph to my left and Jupiter to my right, the surroundings were bright blue in colour with a sandy substance to the ground. I could hear the sound of a drum in the background

I arrived at a monkey spinning widdershins. I tried to walk past but he made me stop. He spun 31 times. He welcomed me to the path and explained that it had to do with games. He jumped on my shoulders, covered my eyes and turned into a man. He explained that he could change shape. He then returned to monkey form and sat dealing cards and rolling dice.

"The Wheel of Life is always moving. As one rides on its top, another is crushed underneath but the centre is always steady."

I walked a little further and saw a square blue box. I picked it up and opened it. A jack-in-the-box jumped out.

Still further I came across a hooded figure in a blue cloak.

"I am the hidden centre of the wheel. You will never see my face. All seems random and, like a game to you; unpredictable, but I see diversity and balance."

JMS 1998