The path was reddy orange (more red). There was hot red sand beneath my feet. I saw Teth to my left and Leo to my right.

I came across a Chinese sage sitting on a pedestal. He gestured for me to sit.

"The path of Lust is one of strength and energy in union. It is a union of great heat. It has similarities with Atu XIV. If Art is the union of substances, then Lust is the union of souls. Art is the union of opposites (abstract), Lust is the union of similar things (each burning with fiery energy). Art is consciously directed, Lust occurs almost without any effort (true will). The bliss of union is contained within Lust as is energy (almost an amalgamation of Art, Devil and Death). Art is alchemy while Lust is Magick."

I walked on a little further and saw a red shelled crab. I said something about the symbolism being wrong and heard a voice saying that all symbols contain meaning.

Lastly I came to a lake. A mermaid approached. She said "The union of Lust occurs without conscious will and with great energy" (the union of positive and positive in a sense).

JMS 1998