The Hanged Man

The path was blue-green in colour. I saw Mem to my left and the symbol for Water to my right. I could feel hard paving stones beneath my feet.

I entered a large hall with four stone pillars. There was a beautiful naked man with long curly brown hair in the middle of the hall. He greeted me as a friend.

"This is a path which harks back to times gone by, a path of reversal.

"It is the sacrifice of all that you own for the prize of all that exists. It underlies the understanding that we are more infinite and godly than our egos will accept. The loss of all that you think of as your own allows the sight of all that you are."

I walked on and saw a green turtle in the path. Still further and I came across a beautiful woman on a pedestal or altar. I was not allowed to touch her, just to be her slave. In doing so I would find joy. In time the slaves would become masters and the masters slaves. She would take me when she willed.

JMS 1998