The path was a light greenish colour. The symbol for Samekh was to my left and Sagittarius was to my right.

The path opened out into a forest clearing and a minstrel appeared carrying a lute. He asked my name and then elucidated the nature of the path. It is the "coagula" part of the formula which Atu XVI (The Tower) started. It represents the union of opposites in joy but it is not the end result, just the joy of going. Sexual intercourse is one form as are storytelling and music, the performer and the audience uniting in art (as an afterthought I have noted that the paths on the tree of life represent actions and the sephiroth represent states). Art represents a path of action similar to counting eight cards from the start of the greater arcana of the tarot (The Chariot). The minstrel danced around me three times widdershins and then left.

I saw a mushroom in front of me that was red and white in colour and looked like a Fly Agaric. I ate it and a huge green tree like creature grew up in front of me. It continued elucidating the path as one of union of opposites encompassing all art. It gave me a golden trident as a symbol of the path and then showed me a vision of a palace in clouds. I returned and closed the pathworking.

JMS 1998