The Sun

I found myself standing in a desert of yellow sand. I saw the Hebrew letter Resh to my left and the astrological symbol for Sol to my right.

A nomad approached me and introduced himself as the guardian of the path. He said that the path was a long one and that its nature was a "warming" one of joy. It is important not to allow th joy of travelling along the path to become debilitating as the heat of the sun but to use it for energy. He is a nomad as the card represents the driving force in all; the wanderlust. He said that he could carry me some way across the desert but that I must walk some of the way myself.

I got carried into the middle of the desert and I continued walking on my own until I reached an oasis. I found an old woman there tending a cauldron. She said that she represented the "drying" effect of the sun, that walking the path of the sun makes us realise our mortality as well as our immortality. The sun never ages but the body does.

JMS 1998