The Devil

The path was black and to my left I saw the letter Ayin and to my right the symbol for Capricorn.

I first saw a man-goat. "This is the path of energy, of force, of blood. Ah! I have said too much."

"It is the path of the sex instinct, the energy which underlies all life. Love is not a part of this path."

I walked a little further along the path and came to a house with no door. Eventually I made a door in one wall and entered.

It was very dark and full of cobwebs inside. I opened the windows, let light in and cleared away all the dirt and blackness. I felt quite a weight removed in doing so.

Lastly I came to a beautiful girl. She said that indeed this was the path of lust and sex. The drive behind the perpetuation of the species (rather than the individual).

JMS 1998