The Tower

I found myself on a bright red path with burning red sands beneath my feet. I saw the symbols for Peh to my left and Mars to my right.

A coarse looking man with a black beard approached me and demanded my name. He said that the path was one of destruction and brutish force. None can determine where it may next strike. The path represents the love of destruction and complete transformation. A violent and unwelcome initiation.

Further along the path I saw a red chinese dragon which ate me.

Still further along the path was a tall woman with a sword. The path of destruction is one of true will. She said that none can determine where the destruction will next strike save her. Though it seems random and uncouth all has been planned by her and destruction is for the best to open up the costituent elements for rebuilding. It is the first component of "Solve et Coagula" represented by her sword.

JMS 1998