The Star

The path was ice blue in colour and cold beneath my feet. The symbol Heh was to my left and Aquarius to my right.

I saw a very tall naked woman, beautiful and wrapped in a veil.

I greeted her as the goddess and she greeted me back introducing herself as the guardian of the path. She said that this path was very secret and contained hidden ideas. She said that it represented the flash of divine inspiration or the divine spark. The flower associated with the path is the blue lotus which she gave to me.

A snowy owl swooped down and landed on my shoulder.

The path represents the joy of existence and of beauty.

She said that I should walk on.

I travelled a little further and came to a wooden fence which I climbed over and then I continued on my way.

I met an old wise looking man who had a beard and was also very tall.

"The path does represent a type of tranquility but not that associated with heavy sedation but the pure, cold tranquility that comes with perfect living, joy in life, ice cold and beautiful."

He said that there were more things to learn but that I was better off turning back at the moment, which I did.

JMS 1998