The Moon

The path was of a bluish/silver colour. I saw the Hebrew letter Qoph to my left and the symbol for Pisces to my right.

The first figure that I reached was a hunched woman or hag wearing a black shawl who was stirring a cauldron. She welcomed me and indicated the contents of her cauldron. They were dark red in colour. She said "The blood of the moon, but its meaning lies deeper than the obvious."

"The path is one of danger and filled with hidden traps. It is the path of unintelligible action."

I walked a little further and met a huge figure in a robe, the priest of this path.

"The moon has many aspects. It affects water and also has many phases. It is hard to grasp its concept as it is always changing." (I got the idea of quicksilver or mercurial properties).

"You are not far off the mark with your idea of this path representing the unconscious but it is also more.

"It is the animal side, the hidden agenda that the conscious mind is not aware of. It is also a fount of creativity and when unbalanced, by being ignored or overindulged in, it is a source of madness. The black beetle is a symbol with hidden meaning for this path."

I travelled further and saw a dagger pointing to the left. On looking closer it appeared rusty and on picking it up it turned into a snake which slithered away.

I came to a silvery lake. I paid the ferryman to take me across it. There was a green island in the centre which was the sphere of Netzach, the sphere of natural beauty.

The path of the moon is one of hidden secrets. The howling of dogs is sacred to it.

JMS 1998