The Aeon

I found myself in an orange brick passageway. I saw the Hebrew letter Shin to my left and the symbol for elemental Fire to my right.

I passed a little way along the path and was stopped by a knight wearing golden armour. He asked my name and purpose which I answered. He said that he was the knight of this path, the path of what must be, of destiny. His purpose was to punish those that would stray from the path of true will with fear and vegeance. His weapon was an axe. He allowed me to pass.

The orange passageway opened up into a large room with feasting tables in it. A jester came up to me and shook a stick with bells on at me.

The jester said "This is a path of joy but also of tricks and of hidden surprises. Things are not always as they seem so beware lest you trip."

Lastly, I passed through a double door that looked like a couple of trees. I found myself in a huge room with a king on a throne sitting at the top of a long staircase or ladder. He said that I may come no further and asked my name and purpose. I told him.

He told me that he was the king of the path of destiny and that his laws were predictable. He said that he was the king of law (material law?).

As a symbol of the path he gave me a red rose; its sweet scent being the reward of the path and the thorns being the hidden traps.

I bade him thanks and returned the way that I had come.

JMS 1998