The Universe

I saw Tau to my left and Saturn to my right. I was standing on a long black path.

There was a black dog at my heels biting them. I walked a little way and was stopped by a figure standing in black robes and carrying a sickle.

He asked why I came this way. I replied that I wished to gain knowledge of the 32nd path of the tree of life and to integrate it into my personality.

He introduced himself as death but a different form of death to that found in Atu XIII. He represented death of form as it moves from the material world into the world of thoughts and imagination.

The path represents a vibration between the real and the imagined (Sakti and Siva).

He chopped me up so that I may become thought. I felt much lighter after this and the dog stopped snapping at my heels.

I walked further and found myself at the top of a chalk cliff which I descended. There were a couple of apple trees at the top. At the bottom was a jungle.

I found my path blocked by an elephant. He said that he could obstruct me or help by clearing the path. I rode on his back to the edge of a lake. He said that I could cross the lake or turn back. I felt that the lake represented the sphere of Yesod and opted to turn back.

I passed back along the path to return to my body.

JMS 1998