The Evocation of the Olympic Spirit of Mercury

Diary Entry
20th January 1999 e.v.

The evocation was to be in the form utilizing a black mirror set into a Goetic triangle, which I have constructed from wood in the colours as given in the Goetia. Also the sword was replaced by an ostrich feather (This being my interpretation of the self-portrait by Aleister Crowley evoking the spirit Paimon.) The feather would further represent the Ma(at) principle, which I feel is in line with the general symbolism of the sword. The triangle would further be charged by the Chain, Scourge, and Dagger. The incense was a blend containing Sandalwood and Dittany Of Crete etc. The circle was constructed form salt and charged with a magnetic wand that I have constructed for use in evocation.

Crowley evoking Paimon


During the construction of the seal there were again electrical problems in the house this time being the shower starting on its own and having to be replaced.

The entity came easily and had a calm positive nature. It's appearance was clear and stood out from the mirror, it was a whitish gray like stone.

What is your nature?

Ophiel: My nature is of dreams and swift.

What do you mean by this?

Ophiel: I mean I am the inspiration of men, I can give men the necessary to be.

How would I call on this inspiration?

Ophiel: By the use of the seal ( seal appears in mirror)

Sigil of Ophiel

Ophiel: I am dream and swift, I can take anything you would want to be known to any one in the world!

You have then the nature of a messenger?

Ophiel: A divine messenger

I then concluded the ritual and gave the license to depart. I then performed Liber Adohi as I had to begin and concluded the working.


This ritual had a very different quality to the Evocation of Phul, and left me with a very peaceful but exhilarated state of being for some time after.

GEN 1999