The Evocation of the Olympic Spirit of Mercury



A triple circle with the triangle of art to the East was constructed on the floor of the room using salt. Cinnamon was burnt throughout the ritual in a small incense burner standing within the triangle of art. A single green candle standing behind the triangle of art formed the only source of light throughout. A black robe with hood down was worn along with the seal of Ophiel (in orange and blue) around the neck. Elemental weapons (athame, oak and copper wand, beeswax pantacle and silver cup) were present.

I started the ritual with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) using the dagger. I declared my motto and my intention to evoke Ophiel, spirit of Mercury.

I initially carried the elemental weapons around the circle to consecrate with each of them. I went on to direct orange coloured light into the triangle with the wand and I called forth Ophiel.

Very little happened initially. I saw a strange circular shape on the ceiling and then three ovals of light in front of me. There was then a shadowy shape against the wall directly behind the triangle. I continued directing energy towards the triangle and calling forth Ophiel.

I traced the shape of the seal around my neck with the wand and then traced the seal in the air.

I got the impression of a huge hooded figure which then switched to a sphere. The sphere was composed of a solid core surrounded by an outer skin and then a cage like structure outside that.

I heard a scratchy, raspy voice that was rather like forced whispering "I am Ophiel".

I asked its nature and it said that it was set over thoughts. It could allow thoughts to be communicated between people over long distances. It said that its nature was similar to sand since it "trickled" yet it was heavy.

It seemed to answer my questions evasively. It seemed tricky in nature but less oppressive than Phul.

Its nature also seemed similar to mercury - liquid - ephemeral and yet substantial.

I asked why it was answering evasively and it said because I was not asking specific questions.

It said I should stop trying to "see" it so much and to relax a little.

I asked if it could appear in another form and it said that it could. It changed from the sphere to a tall cloaked entity with its hood drawn up and its arms outstretched.

I got the impression that it was a dark reddish colour and that its arms stretched almost half way around the circle.

It seemed relaxed at being in my presence and I asked it the nature of its plane. It showed me a vision of an orange flaming landscape. It said that I would see nothing but orange flame but that it saw grass, trees and normal landscape as I perceived my own.

I thanked it and dismissed it. Before I had finished the dismissal, I sensed that it had left. I completed the dismissal and closed with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.


The images were still "astral" in quality.

There was a much more pleasant atmosphere than with Phul.

The images "came through" once I blocked out the light from the candle with my hand. It may be better to place the light source behind in the future.

"Tricky" and fleeting vision. Impression that disappears if concentrated on.

JMS 1998