Pathworking is a magickal techique closely associated with the hebrew qaballah. It is traditionally a type of visionary experience associated with one of the paths of the tree of life although it has been extended in meaning to cover any type of semi-guided visualisation on a specific magickal idea.

A pathworking usually follows a structure and may vary from a guided visualisation (where a scene is set and the events are described by one person while they are visualised by the rest of the group) to the visualisation of a specific symbol or intonation of a mantra with further visions being allowed to unfold of their own accord.

Pathworking is one of the methods used to further the understanding of particular Magickal ideas. It allows ideas to arise about the particular symbols that are being worked with that may not be consciously associated. These can then be considered once "normal" consciousness is regained.

JMS 1998