The Evocation of the Olympic Spirit of Luna


A triple circle with the triangle of art to the East was constructed on the floor of the room using salt. Dittany of Crete and Frankincense were burnt throughout the ritual in a small incense burner standing within the triangle of art. A single green candle standing behind the triangle of art formed the only source of light throughout. A black robe with hood down was worn along with the seal of Phul (in purple and blue) around the neck. Elemental weapons (athame, oak and copper wand, beeswax pantacle and silver cup) were present.

I started the ritual with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) using the dagger. I found it very difficult to concentrate on; I felt very light headed and started having an irrational fear that I was going to pass out.

I started evoking the spirit using the call from the Goetia. As I started, out of the corner of my eye, I could just sense the smoke rising in the triangle seeming to change in some way. Its shape wavered and I completed the evocation. Nothing tangible seemed to have changed in the room. I was finding reading the evocation somewhat difficult in the dim light so I moved on to stare at the seal and call out a freeform evocation to Phul.

I traced the seal in the air in front of the triangle using the wand. I had a slight sensation of things around me becoming unreal or changing in some way. The smoke seemed to take on a strange shimmering solidity for a short time.

Initially a strong image of a horned helmet (similar to a viking helmet) came to mind. The spirits voice was very unclear and the image poor. I continued calling to it.

An image of a tall being arose before me within the triangle, it faded and I saw very shiny armour of a Japanese style. The spirit became visible astrally as roughly humanoid, approximately six feet tall and wearing shiny armour and a horned helmet.

The spirit declared itself as Phul the spirit of Luna that was set over all imaginings. The voice was thin and high pitched and was childlike in quality.

It said that it could show things as they are and that it could grant anything that could be imagined. Its nature was of water and its animal a fish since it passes unnoticed. It prefered to appear in water than in smoke (although smoke was also in its nature).

Suddenly it became angry and said that the triangle was too small. I said that it had been commanded to appear through the name of the God of the universe. This appeared to settle it although it seemed anxious to leave and impatient.

It told me that its armour was of its nature since it reflected things as they are. Its horns represented the moon.

I asked if it was able to grant a gift that was related to its nature. It answered in the affirmative and seemed pleased to agree to giving it. I dismissed the spirit and closed the temple with the LBRP which had to be repeated three times until the atmosphere in the room had returned to a managable level. Immediately after completing the first LBRP the incense stopped burning and the scent in the room turned rapidly from sour to a sweetish odour. I grounded the latent energies and vibrated Aum.

Note: The nature of the vision of the spirit was less in the form of objective seeing of the spirit and more on the level of astral vision.

JMS 1998