Talismanic Magick

Talismanic magick is a type of magick by which an object is created or changed in some way as to represent a specific or general wish of the magickian for example a "Jupiter" talisman (an object which has been associated by the Magickian with Jupiter) may be worn or used in some way to increase luck and success in business matters.

Closely allied to talismanic magic is the art of sigilization. This is the sealing of the will of the Magickian in a single pattern or "sigil". There are many methods for doing this and any method that the Magickian can devise to do this is suitable. Usually the sigil is of a form that is easily remembered, but the form of the sigil should not consciously represent the desired end. Ideally, the conscious link between the sigil and its desired purpose should be severed as soon as the sigil is created.

A sigil symbolizing the wand.

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