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The London lodge of the Oxford Golden Dawn Occult Society (LOGDOS) is a practical-based non-hierarchical occult group which is not bound to any specific dogma. It was founded in the summer of 1996. Membership is drawn from a wide cross section of the occult community. Some members are very active in particular areas of paganism (Wicca, Druidry, Northern Mysteries) and use LOGDOS as an arena where they can experience and experiment with ideas from other paths. Other members are involved in solitary practice and find the group useful as a place to meet like minded individuals and exchange ideas while having an opportunity to be involved in group rituals. Several small magickal groups have evolved as offshoots of LOGDOS where some of the more experimental ideas can be worked with in a more intense manner before being brought back and used with the main group.


What is Magick?


Three Dimensional Magick
The Dance of the Serpent Rainbow
'Smells and Spells' - Making Your Own Incense as a Magickal Art
The Temple of Man - A Symbolist Tour of Egypt

Magick in the Northern Tradition
Damanhurian & Other Astral Projection Techniques
Tarot Pathworkings
Eastern Energy Disciplines in Relation to Magick and Martial Arts
Practical Exercises in Nagualism
Thelemic Concepts
Ancestral Initiation


Sigil Gallery
Magick-Related Images


Winter Solstice Ritual
HGA Ritual
Rite of the Stars
The Evocation of a Planetary Sphere Entity
The Evocation of the 55th Spirit of the Shemhamphorash
Evocations of Olympic Spirit of Luna
Evocations of Olympic Spirit of Mercury
Evocation of Olympic Spirit of Venus
Liber Adohi

Magickal Writings

The Book of the Law
Invocation to Babalon


College of Thelema
Lysator Occult Archive
Children of Artemis - Wicca/Witchcraft Info & Contacts
aion-Occult Art & Essays
Witchcraft - World of Wicca
Witchcraft - Essays, History and Shop
Damo Mitchell's Lotus Nei Gong - Daoist Arts


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