Sizes and Costs of Type IV Vaporizers

The Type IV vaporizer comes in 2 sizes. The larger is stainless steel, copper and plastic – it's 29cm wide and 20cm tall, with the tube is 50mm wide . The smaller is aluminium, copper and plastic. It's 22cm wide and 18cm tall, and the tube is again 50mm wide. The smaller vaporizer is about 20% less efficient than the larger, but fits in many crowded engine bays, or indeed two can be used in a shallow engine compartment as in the Alfa on the previous page where the larger was too tall. The small vaporizer is 20% less efficient than the larger version, and it is about 20% smaller in size, but weighs about ¼ of the larger stainless, because the tube is made of aluminium. It is also cheaper. The smaller size is recommended if space is at a premium – that depends on the vehicle.

Prices for the larger vaporizer, including expansion vessel, fuel inlet valve and T connectors, 6-8mm adaptors and clamps, is $179. The smaller version, with the same accessories, is $139. Shipping is from the UK, and goes all over the world; at $20 postage regardless of country. If multiple units are ordered, a $30 reduction in price is made for both vaporizers, as an additional expansion vessel is not required.

Type IV (small) Vaporizer
Pricing of the previous Type III version was $256.99, with higher postage costs and greater complexity in installation. That's over 30% savings alone in comparison.

There are no moving parts to wear out. The installation can be changed from one vehicle to another, the only adjustment necessary being to adjust the inlet valve, and shorten or lengthen one or two hoses.

Vaporizers do not work on all vehicles. This is mainly down to combustion chamber dynamics and the amount of vacuum present to drive the vaporization process, although the later can be changed at any point by adding an air pump. The great majority of installations would never require that. In any event, if the vaporizer doesn't obtain at least 25% savings, you can return the unit for a full refund, not including return postage costs.

Type IV (large) Vaporizer