Fuel Savings, Pollution Reduction & Performance Increase

If you do not know what kind of vaporizer to build or obtain from us, please just send us an email stating what kind of vehicle you are intending this for. We will let you know.

Should you have trouble in obtaining any parts if you completely build your unit from our manuals, you can obtain any individual components through us. You can see these on the order pages under 'Individual Components'.

Fuel Savings

In summary, the carburetor enhancer should furnish improvements in the range of 20% in MPG. The vaporizer should furnish between 30-70% increase in MPG over your current amounts in petrol engines. TurboDiesel engines will increase about 7-14% in MPG. The water injector furnishes only about 1 mile per gallon.

Pollution Reduction

The following shows results of a sample installation in the reduction of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons.

Gases             Normal     with Carburetor   with Carb Enh.  with
                             Enhancer          & Water Inj.    vaporizer
CCarbon Monoxide
(cor.)             9.00         8.9             5.24          0.17
Carbon Dioxide     1.08         1.18            9.23          5.70
Hydrocarbons (ppm) 382          285             132           220.0

As you can see, there is an increase in carbon dioxide, but a significant reduction in the main toxic gases. There is evidence, although it is difficult to establish precisely with present measurement technology, that the vaporizer reduces particulate pollution in diesel vehicles. This is evident if doing a physical sight test before and after installation, which is still the only standard way of measuring particulate pollution. Performance Increase

With the increased fuel efficiency, there is a corresponding increase of power and torque. We have not conducted engine bench tests, but provide the results of 0-60 acceleration tests on a 1.4 litre Citroen BX RE:

0-60 in Seconds
Normal     with carburetor   with Carb Enh.  with
           Enhancer          & Water Inj.    vaporizer
12              11              10.5             ~9