Fuel Vaporizers – horsepower and acceleration improvement

A 0-60 test with a 1989 Volkswagen Passat, 1.8 litre (1781cc), Single Point Fuel Injection (Bosch Multi-Jetronic):

Normal     with 1            with 2
           vaporizer         vaporizers    
13.8            10.5            10

To give you an indication of the performance increase, VW gives the following 0-60 times for this model of their engine range:

Engine size (cc)        Horsepower       0-60 times (seconds)
1595                    53               15.5
1781                    66               13.8
1781                    82               11.3
1984                    100              10.1

Without dyno testing, we cannot give actual horsepower increases, but the performance times would indicate an increase of about 50% in horsepower. At the same time, in this particular installation, there is the 57% increase in MPG, and a 90% decrease in pollution. Not bad, is it?

Magnetic Enhancement

As an inexpensive but significant upgrade, we offer a magnetic enhancement kit for vaporizers. This includes some neomydium (very powerful) permanent magnets which are strapped to both the fuel and vaporizer hoses to allow for improved combustion, theoretically on the principle of ionisation and polar attraction.

These work on any vaporizer sold in the market - these are simply magnets, of a certain size and polar configuration, that when used in certain positions and polarities will provide a further 10-15% improvement in fuel consumption. These kits are US$45.99 or £22.99.


We supply completed units for you to install, manuals to build one's own systems, or units installed by your own garage. We also supply the individual components, should you wish to purchase a manual and then purchase only those components you do not wish to make or obtain yourself. Should you wish to use a garage or installer, additional charges would be made by them in installation; a reasonable benchmark for this would be 2 - 4 hours, times the normal hourly rate of the garage. If the customer was not satisfied with the installation, the cost of the device would be refundable, but not the time of the garage in installation and deinstallation time costs, as it must be recognised that the garage is acting as a third party. The Wiseman manuals, obtainable directly from George Wiseman at Eagle Research are fully detailed 36+ page manuals from the original inventor in Canada. Our manuals are different in design, are more basic and cheaper as a result. We have developed our own enhancements and other devices as can be seen in our menu on the left. Prices for both the manuals and devices are in the order section - just press the Order button in the menu. The manual specific to the vaporizer type ordered is included with the kits that we sell.